Ahead of Apple App Store’s 10th anniversary, a brand and product evolution was assembled. In its first 10 years, the App Store attracted developers, delighted users, and shaped the app economy. Consequently, it became overwhelming to discover apps and the App Store became a soulless container. 


8 Countries

96 Developers

47 Companies

41 Stakeholders

117 Users

To reignite the magic, we gave the platform a distinctive voice and look. We plotted new behaviors that would exceed users’ expectations.

DYNAMIC Unpredictable in a delightful way, offering up little surprises to those curious enough to seek them out.
Full of life, enthusiasm, and buzz. The words we choose and flow we construct are bold and energetic.

Current and of-the-moment. Dapper and sleek. We take what’s trendy, and we give it a classy edge.

Team ︎︎︎ App Store
Strategy ︎︎︎ Caleb Rabinowitz

Strategy ︎︎︎ Rachel Salinas
Creative ︎︎︎ Mickey Stratton

TEAM WORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK   *cracks knuckles*